Entry #1

I mix shit not make it

2008-01-01 21:06:39 by DjThunderbass

Hahahahahahahah you guys need to relax i remix shit i don't make it thats why i put dj thundebassif i wasn't then i would put thunderbass capce okkk then yall got that clear then don't say things like

YOu stolee this or

this isn't yours

cuz i know fuckers i remix it with virtual dj 5.0


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2008-01-03 16:33:57

in your song description you should make it clearer that it is a remix of a song. putting a post in your profile will only reach about a third of the people who listen to your music because most of us are too lazy. "djthunderbass" is a little too suddle to make a difference.


2008-01-05 05:48:03

I Use Virtual Dj Too
Um So You Can Submit REmixed Songs?


2008-03-03 00:46:07

Bah, who cares what everyone says about your work. Your tracks (or "remixes") are your children, and if you feel the same for all of them, that's all that matters. Just make sure you put a little "THIS IS NOT MY WORK -- IT'S A REMIX OF BLAH BLAH BLAH" disclaimer on your tracks.

It's all gravy.


2008-07-06 00:08:00

lol what happend to ya "trap n***az" beat tho. didnt quite sound remixed.. now i dont even see it on ya page